Zahra Fatimah-2023 Reflection

Hello, my name is Zahra Fatimah. This is a very happy moment for me because there is two more weeks until school is over and me going to Intermediate.

I have many friends and learned many things in this school. Please leave positive and thoughtful comments on my reflection down below.

What’s my 4 digit number?

What’s my number?

Today my room and i did a maths activity on our chromebook. So first we used our word art and i wrote my number. And then i wrote my number again using the scribble line. Then i created my number on a place value abacus. Then i wrote my place value numbers. Then i wrote my number in expanded form. Then i wrote one more than my number and ten more than my number. last but not least i did  one less than my number and ten less than my number.

All About Me!

Kia Ora and Assalam-Walaikum. My name is Zahra Fatimah. I go to Otahuhu Primary School. I am a year 6 student and my teachers name is Mrs Dollie, the most FAB teacher.

I am good at spelling. I enjoy writing stories like one time I wrote a story about a trip to Fiji. My challenges are to spell big words and to write big chapter stories. My goals are for this year is to write using punctuations.

I am a Library Monitor at school. I enjoy the experience.

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